Goodbye School Hello Summer

No more school! I’m so sad………kinda. I’m soooo happy it’s summer but I am kind of going to miss some things. Like when we went to Lunar Beach and how could I forget the whole blogging experience. But I am really happy to have a brake from school because I haven’t had that in a long time I cant wait to spend time with my family. Well see ya later.

When I Grow up I Want to be a….

Hi every peopleses. Its devan and im going to tell you what I want to be when I grow up. When I grow up I want to be an Engineer I have always been interested in creating little vehicles out of Lego and Mechano. I always wanted to design “anti pollution” vehicles (I dont know if thats a word). Except make them as fast and as efficient as gas powered vehicles. Thats going to be a lot of school though. Just what I wanted.




Incase you’re wondering “Glocal” is global and local consmushed together. Yes I said consmushed. For about two weeks two teachers from Glocal have been teaching us how to use two programs that involve using webcams to take pictures. There names are Josh and Franziska. One is called motion sequence and the other one is called multiple exposure. I made a picture using multiple exposure (left) I took three different pictures and laid one over the other and changed it to opposite colours. With motion sequence you can take tons of different pictures at once it looks kind of cool but not as cool as multiple exposure. I would like to say thanks to josh and franziska for teaching us how to use this awsome picture program. I had lots of fun!


 Three of the people you would see in a Canadian courtroom would be: The Defense Counsel,the Court Interpreter and the Court Officer.

 The Defense Counsel is the accused’s lawyer. They make sure the judge heres the accused’s side of the story and tests the evidence. The Court Interpreter’s job is to translate for the accused or a witness if they speak a different language. The Court Officer keeps everyone safe in a Canadian courtroom. They also escort the accused to the courtroom.

 In a courtroom, When given permission you may speak without being interrupted. The government pays for special equipment such as wheel chairs so that people with physical disabilities can take part in a case that they were a witness of. Before you testify you are asked to promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Christians swear on the Bible, people who believe in jewish beliefs swear on the Torah. People of other religions are asked to swear on religious books of there belief. Aboriganal people may take an oath while holding an eagle feather. People who do not swear on a holy book or do not practice other beliefs have to solemnly affirm that they will tell the truth.

Annoying Sounds

I have heard lots of annoying sounds all day and I am attempting to tell you them. It started in the morning with my messed up alarm clock.

ghggyyttttttssssssfsfshshshshshshshshshhhhhhhhhhhchdszsawquJ (over exaggeration)

And then my brother screaming.


The door closing.


The car starting.


The bell ringing.

bong bong bong bong (trust me its more annoying)

The computers starting up.


The bell ringing again.

bong bong bong bong


bong bong bong bong

Shoes screeching on the floor.

squeek squeek

Chairs moving around.

cling clang scrudge

Flipping of pages.


Theres the bell again.

bong bong bong bong


bong bong bong bong

Again to tell everyone lunch is over.

bong bong bong bong

Again to tell everyone school is over (doesn’t it get annoying?)

 bong bong bong bong



What I did on My Birthday

As most of you would know my birthday was on May 3rd. On my birthday I got 140 dollars, a slingshot, a Buck pocket knife, candy, clothes and finally a wireless router so I can play xbox live! FINALLY! Oh yea almost forgot my dad took me to this awsome mini golf place. After that, we went on the bumper boats that were there. The party that my mom had was a little different. We went outside and sprayed each other with silly string and then had a water fight. when the water fight was over we went inside and watched a movie. When the movie was finished we went up stairs and had cake…..mmmmmmm…cake. The End!


What is a hero? Is it a super, flying, laserbeam shooting mutant or is it just a friend or a family member you look up to? Personaly my hero is my dad. Sure some times he can be annoying but thats what family members do I want to be just like my dad just not the annoying part. My dad is kool!


Hey everybody its me Devan and my birthday is on May 3. I am very excited! I can barely wait. My favorite part about birthdays is getting presents. Yes I am kind of greedy I also like cake, cake is tasty, and cookies, cookies are good.

Easter Yay!

Hey guys. It’s me Devan (obviously). I just remembered it’s almost Easter! That means chocolate, Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts and finally funness (No funness is not a word). Aw yes the great and TOTALLY AWESOME day of Easter! One of the fun activities of Easter is coloring eggs. Another fun activity is of course finding eggs and chocolate around the house.